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New TDJ website open beta

Written by The Design Jones

23 May 2016

As you can see we have a fresh new look for our website that includes a whole load of changes and new features. We have decided to make this an open beta stage so that we can get some great feedback from you and improve the site even more. Special thanks to Steve Hitchman for putting in so much effort to get the site built. A full post on the build aspect from Steve will be available soon.

On the new site you will find new features like this section, the Journal, and a player that works across both mobile and desktop that allows you to carry on browsing the website as you listen. There are also new episode pages that allow you to find out more about the guest and we will continue to refresh the content of this during the beta period.

This post will be updated with a more in-depth list of whats changed soon but for now we hope you enjoy the new site! Any feedback or bug spotting is greatly appreciated and you can get in touch with us via the contact page or email us directly at hello@thedesignjones.co.uk

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