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About - The Design Jones


The Design Jones is a podcast featuring the very best of the UK creative industry. An opportunity for them to tell their stories, experiences and views.

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We host one to one interviews with designers, developers and people within the UK creative scene. These podcasts will focus on anything and everything that will allow you to know the people behind the work. The Design Jones is hosted by designer Ade Mills and either recorded on location or from Bexhill, East Sussex.

Thank you to all the guests that make the podcast possible. Without them this would not be possible.

The Design Jones is released twice a month on the first and third Saturday of each month. The intro music is Wood by The Dead Pirates and is used with permission. Thank you to Mcbess and The Dead Pirates for allowing me to use the song.

The name is based on a Barry White version of a Cheech & Chong song called The Basketball Jones. In the song a Jones is described as an obsession, an undeniable passion and the love for someone or something. The Design Jones is produced with the primary goal of showing the love for being creative and the industry.

If you have any ideas or question for The Design Jones or simply want to say hello then please email

Special thanks to Steve Hitchman for lovingly crafting the website and developing all of its features.